The Story of Margaret and Ritchie

On a mild, October Saturday our team returned to the stunning Quonquont Farm to celebrate an incredible couple – Margaret and Ritchie. The clouds were rolling in but that wasn’t stopping the smiles, laughter and happiness coming from the Bridal Suite. As a bottle of celebratory bubbly was opened, Margaret and her bridesmaids, mother and Ritchie’s mother were treated to our special Bridal Party Snack boxes. Inside each box was a small tea sandwich, fresh raw vegetables with house made hummus, a chocolate covered pretzel stick artfully decorated with deep purple accents to match the wedding colors and Chef Jeff’s hand cut bistro chips. It was a great compliment to the wine and the perfect amount of nourishment for the ladies before the ceremony.

Just then, the rain began and without missing a beat, or a smile, the barn was transformed into a beautiful ceremony space. While all the guests fit nicely, the amount of love for the couple overflowed beyond the walls. To warm up the chill in the rainy air, our Butternut Squash Bisque Sippers with Fresh Herbs and Cumin Stirrer were passed to guests during social hour. A favorite of the evening was our Fried Scallops wrapped in Pork Belly Cotton Candy creating a unique, fun element to a traditional treat.

As family is extremely important to Margaret and Ritchie, it only felt right to serve their wedding celebration menu family style – passing delicious dishes between family and friends. Platters of Pan Roasted French Breasted Chicken with Kale, Swiss Chard, Pickled Red Onion, Grilled Maple Cornbread and Maple Pepper Glaze as well as Chef Jeff’s Special Pasta Bolognese, a dish requested by Ritchie in a nod to his childhood, were filled, passed and filled again.

When it came time, a very special house made Whoopie Pie Cake was brought out to the bride and groom for cutting, signifying the opening of the heavily eyed, chocolate covered dessert station.

A wonderful day, for a wonderful couple!

Margaret and Girls
Margaret and Ritchie Whoopie Pie
Margaret Wedding 1